“Miss Kate”

I’m everywhere on social media!
I hope you checked out my works at Tarkington Tower Condos Artist Gallery April 8th-June 8, 2015!

General Services I Offer:

Web design and development.
Print production and marketing.
Photography and visual assets.
Photo restoration and digitizing

Artist Statement:

Attitude of Gratitude

Life is … ?

My artworks are about the exploration and appreciation of the fascinating day-to-day details that can be easily overlooked. It is important to practice this attitude of looking for these things that make us feel good and grateful on a daily basis so that we may play well with others while preserving our sense of self.

“Photo Romping”

While I explore various subjects and styles, I love taking digital macro photos of flowers and found objects on my “Photo Romps” the most. I like to explore my surroundings. Regardless of my camera availability, weather, or time of day I enjoy walking around Holliday Park or the neighborhood looking for an interesting color, shape, or texture. From 2009 to 2010 I tried to take at least one every day. It is even better to have friends come along! Everyone sees things in their own way and sharing the excitement helps us all create better work.

Silver Linings

I am constantly learning to find the silver linings. I used to hate that I didn’t have the money to buy the most expensive equipment but now I appreciate that gift. I use my equipment to the fullest and focus on my creative process and the content of my images. I want to draw and paint but the materials and space were not available to me. I began photography as a placeholder for my future creative works. I’m not sure what those will be yet but I am now far more confident. I’ve explored design concepts and intimately familiarized myself with the subject-matter. Self-expression is a skill to master!

Tools of the Trade

I have used a number of point-and-shoots, “bridge” cameras, my iPhone and I have had the same Nikon D5000 I bought for only $900 at Costco in April of 2010. I constantly try out then sell new types of lenses from wide-angle to macro to telephoto in multiple price points. I will often borrow from my dad. I play with editing software. A lot. I usually use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I purchased a Lensbaby Composer (like a tilt-shift lens with a variety of interchangeable parts) in 2011 to achieve many more artistic effects. I have since bought just about every other accessory for it. It is an addiction!

“Hey! Check this out!”

In addition to my website and social sharing such as Facebook, I would like to display extremely large prints of plant life macros for the viewer to contemplate. I also want to display a bunch of small prints on a large “Wall of Joy.” Because I shoot so many lively vivid subjects I love using a metallic print. I intend for the viewing experience to be initially overwhelming followed by a sense of awe and wonder.



Photos of Me!